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El Sooper PODCAST!!
SooperMexy Conservative News and Opinion!
Category: Conservative (Right)
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Mexy. Conservative. Visit me at www.soopermexican.com

by soopermexican
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March 15, 2018 10:08 PM PDT

THIS WEEK!! We have no MATT but we have a new intro!! Also an outro!! Please listen to it and tell me what you think - do you like it or do you want the old one back?! Let me know, tweet me, email me, find me at the local taco shop. Also this week, we dance on the gross with my baby puma, how Bruno Mars is OK to listen to, and is "taco eater" actually an insult? El Sooper says NAY!!! Then we review everyone else's podcast, also is Roger Stone escrewed? Looks like!! Then el Sooper gets very serious and reads an article about men and friendship but it's definitely not in a gay way. Also Aristotle. WOW you HAVE to listen now!!!

March 09, 2018 12:42 AM PST

THIS week, el Sooper tells you how to make money by investing into crackheads injecting car battery acid into their veins, which is not a pyramid scheme, it’s more of an upside down triangle, and then crapplefratz likes everything also no one gets that stupid spongebob squarepants joke, but you can hear Emily laugh despite it being International Women’s Day, then Jessica’s instapot got melted down because it’s from the eighties cartoon. Also a Mexican would never tip over a pleated Sylvia Platt, even though it’s on a show called “this is a bunch of people,” but it’s not crockpot’s fault. Finally el Sooper talks about getting into the VIP line at Michael Medved’s signature book thingie and there was racism. That’s how the Dreamers get you - when you dress up like a Mexican bandito. The end. Wow you have to listen!!

March 01, 2018 09:19 PM PST

THIS WEEK el sooper watches an old movie everyone has seen except Jess and Matt apparently and he explains why Star Wars both sucks and is also amaazing!! Also we mention a few weird interactions we've had on twitter with our followers, and also we talk about the dana dana dana podcast and Jonah Goldberg's new book and also how logical distinctions release endorphins in my sooper-brain!!! WOw!! You HAVE to listen NOW!!!

February 22, 2018 10:54 PM PST

THIS WEEK!!! We talk about what tweets would el Sooper macrame in a shadow box on his wall that he ordered from shutterfly? How Jessica just mementos a moment to Matt, why the DMs makes el Sooper burn up with anger and why he’s bitter about Jessica’s laughter, no I’m not gonna Google nothin! And how el Sooper is definitely not like the old man who tells his kids to read encyclopedias, and for about a half hour el Sooper explains the absolutely worst most spirit-drowning episode of the Black Mare, or Black Mayor or whatever. Wow you have to listen!!!

February 15, 2018 09:00 PM PST

This week el Sooper goes absolutely apoplectic but at least you can finally hear his voice for once. Also we talk about terrible movies on YouTube with knights and spaceships, and for some godless reason, Matt defends Obama and Michelle's portraits. I guess Jess was there too. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN NOW!!

February 08, 2018 09:00 PM PST

Oh boy this one gets down and durty as the minions mutiny against the great intellect of el Sooper, and it gets bad. Also, we make pointed subtweets at Dana Perino. And el Sooper leaves TWICE out of anger!! WOW!!! You do not wanna miss this one, it has it all!!! Except Matt's big stupid pharmaceutical defense, that's only for the papillons... wow!!!

February 01, 2018 09:05 PM PST

Jess and the Sooper got a hacking cough, while Matt explains how he makes the money, and Jess is at Walmart bathing in alcohol while Asian children jump on her back, also why sexual assault metaphors should not be used for Christian apologetics purposes, how to get Google alerts for Jonah Jonah Jonah, why Pinterest is useless and how to take the peanut tide pod challenge, and then we talk to walking whales that are possessed by the devil!! Wow!! You have to listen!!!

January 26, 2018 02:16 AM PST

THIS WEEK!!! We return after a hiatus because the co-hosts were jerks but this week we return with even more jerkiness!! El Matt says how he got hit by a firetruck but it's not what you think and then el sooper debates with himself for a while. Wow!! You must listen!! I guess Jessica was there too.

January 11, 2018 09:50 PM PST

THIS WEEK El Sooper comes back from Jacksonville and regales the audience and the hapless witless co-hosts with his tales of woe and Buffalo Bills playoffs!!! Bonfires are started by non-Mexicans who are definitely not on endinochrome, Matt tries to explain why the Saints won't be esplattered by the Vikings (they will), is America ready for a black Puerto Rican Spider-Man? (they are), el Matt makes three predictions, and then he reviews movies that he hasn't seen yet, el Sooper explains how Rotten Tomatoes works to Matt, we discuss the greatest Australian actors ever, and how Margot Robbie was GREAT in the worst movie ever made, and I guess we talk about politics eventually. YES! Ohh and el Sooper angers the gold standard people, while explaining the basic philosophy behind cryptocurrencies!!! WOw you have to listen now!!

January 04, 2018 10:57 PM PST

This WEEK we return for 2018 in our glorious, wonderful, critically acclaimed, joy-thieving podcast!! El Sooper talks about the newest conspiracy theory idiocy called Adrenochrome, Matt tells us a horrifying story that el sooper bleeped out about his pharmacy customer, Jess is there and says stuff, we talk about the Bannon saga, and el sooper #soopsplains why Bannon made the exact same mistake about Trump that the anti-Trumpies did, Paul Nehlen IMPLODES and the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs!!! WOW! You have to listen now probably!!! Happy New Year!!

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